Pipeline Targets a Broad Spectrum of Cancers

CytoMed’s pipeline of cell therapies is based on novel patient blood cell-independent technologies to manufacture “off-the-shelf” cell-based cancer immunotherapies, namely CAR-γδ T cell technology (CTM-N2D therapy), Unmodified γδ T cell technology (CTM-GDT therapy) and iPSC-derived γδ NKT cell technology (gdNKT therapy). These therapies exploit the multiple antigen recognition systems of natural killer (NK) cells and γδ T cells and may be used to recognize and treat a broad range of cancers.

When compared with autologous γδ T cells derived from a patient’s blood cells, allogeneic γδ T cells derived from the blood cells of healthy donors may provide a more potent cytotoxic cell source. Unlike autologous γδ T cells, the potential number of allogeneic γδ T cells that can be obtained during manufacturing is not restricted by potential issues such as limited cell numbers, poor cell quality, or contamination. CytoMed seeks to explore further the valuable potency of allogeneic γδ T cells in clinical trials.

CTM-N2D and CTM-GDT are both clinically-ready therapies.